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Classic Car Insurance

Classic car insurance companies offer both classic car & high value vehicle insurance covering most models with special rates for vehicles such as Porsche, Jaguar, Ferrari, Aston Martin and BMW among others. Helping to give you peace of mind to allow you to enjoy your classic car as it was intended.

Classic Car Insurance

Classic car cover can include people aged all the way to 70 years old and allow you to agree a value which your vehicle is worth as well as usually offering 24 hour claims assistance. Most companies can also cover your vehicle while you're at car shows and rallys.

Policy Features usually include:

  • Agreed Values
  • Drivers 23 - 70
  • Future Classics
  • Limited Mileage discounts
  • Salvage retention option
  • Rally/Show Cover
  • 24 Hour Claims Assistance
  • Approved Repairer Network
  • Glass Cover
  • Immediate Cover Available

High Value Vehicle Insurance

A High Value Vehicle policy brings a unique approach to motor insurance offering outstanding levels of cover and service you won't find with many other insurers. With agreed value and comprehensive cover while driving other cars. There are no hidden charges and no penalties for 'no blame' claims. With the High Value Vehicle insurance you will get a suitable courtesy car and your choice of repairer as well as original manufacturer parts.

Features available include:

  • Agreed Value
  • Comprehensive Cover - driving other cars
  • No Hidden Extras
  • No Penalty for 'no-blame' claims
  • Legal Expenses upto £100,000 (personal injury & uninsured loss)
  • Suitable Courtesy Car
  • Your Choice of Repairer
  • Original Manufacturers Parts
  • No Deductions for wear and tear
  • No Limit Audio Cover
  • European Breakdown Cover



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