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What is St. Christopher .
Think of it as an insurance, like the policy you take out on your home, your car or yourself. The object is to keep you mobile, should you be so unfortunate as to be disqualified from driving, become ill or injured, or lose your vehicle through accident or theft. As you would expect therefore, all benefits have the backing of a reputable insurance company.

Isnít St. Christopher encouraging people to break the law - by speeding, for example.
Not at all. We certainly donít condone speeding (to take that example), but it is a fact, nevertheless, that around 70% of us admit to exceeding the speed limits quite regularly. Nowadays, itís easier than ever to lose your licence, but life has to go on, and that means staying mobile - which costs money. St. Christopher simply provides the necessary financial support, whether that means a chauffeur, taxis, trains, boats or planes - whatever it takes to get from A to B.

Does St. Christopher cover me for all driving offences that result in a ban.
St. Christopher covers all offences that result in disqualification except those involving drink or drugs or any offence directly associated with dangerous, reckless or careless driving.

What are the membership requirements.
As a private individual, you need to be aged over 18, with no more than 6 penalty points current or pending. You must also, of course, have held a current full UK driving licence for at least two years. Special arrangements apply to group membership schemes.

Are there age limits.
Only in respect of your age when joining (see above) or in case of revocation of a licence by the Transport Secretary. Revocation benefits apply only up to the age of 65.

Are ďgroup discountsĒ available.
Yes, you will need to complete the Contact Us form.

Can I obtain a specimen copy of the policy.
Certainly. Policy

Any other matters.
For car hire and emergency costs to apply, damage to your vehicle must result in an insurance claim (does not apply to loss of licence or personal injury claims).




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