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Revolutionary online motorcycle insurance just a click away. Instant cover, flexible benefits and great rates with the ability to access your account anytime, anywhere. eBike Insurance are the first online motorcycle insurance product allowing the customer 24/7 access and flexibility.

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The site boasts many exciting new features:

  • "Pay as you go"
  • Rapid Bonus Accelerator
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Protected Bonus
  • 365-days a year European cover
  • Multi-bike policies and much much more

It takes just 5 minutes to obtain a quote online and all our comprehensive policies include homestart, breakdown assistance and free legal expenses as standard. As an online product, eBike's outgoings are minimal, thereby driving down the cost of the product to you, the consumer. If you are looking for great value bike insurance with excellent features and benefits, try eBike Get a quote, amend or renew your policy online 24/7 by simply logging on to your account. The site also allows you to add a rider, change your bike or even insure your helmet and leathers all at the click of a mouse. At last, there is no need to sit in a call-waiting queue to manage your insurance policy saving you both time and money!!

The eBike site also offers you some exciting new features such as "pay-as-you-go" (you can purchase your insurance on a month by month basis), Bonus Accelerator (earn 1 years no claims bonus just after 8 months on pay-as-you-go policies) and if you have earned the right to full No Claims Bonus, eBike will guarantee this for life! The site is quick and easy to use and there is even a dedicated helpline if you have any queries. eBike Insurance is an online only ‘direct’ insurer, so their rates are very low. Plus Breakdown Assistance (for fully comprehensive policies), Legal Cover and European Riding are included in the price.You also get free 5-years NCD protection, a Pay-As-You-Go monthly policy option and great rates on multi-bike policies. It only takes a few minutes to obtain a quote, saving you time as well as money.

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